custom brokerage


We provide management and advice to ensure your products move cross-border with no delays. Our Customs Brokerage team provide expertise across tariff and Customs laws, rules and regulations for the clearance of imported or exported goods, the preparation of import or export documents including computation and payment of duties, taxes and other charges – within China.

In the complex CHINA market, our core services across all transport modes include:

 Customs Entry Preparation and Electronic Filing

 Importer Security Filings

 Inspection and monitoring

We have a professional network to support you providing:

 Brokerage at main ports of entry in CHINA.

 Big cost savings for customers

 Backed up by state-of-the-art systems

 Robust reporting and customer visibility


The international agency network covers Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia, providing customs clearance, transshipment, freight collect, door-to-door service and import freight services in major cities and ports around the world.

Efficient & Professional

Under a highly professional and skilled efficient quality team, Arts Huali can provide customers with high-quality and convenient logistics services.

Data Interconnection

Implement networking operation with carriers, ports and wharfs, customs and other departments, master the circulation status of goods at the first time, and make accurate and timely response.

Customized freight solution

Tailored solutions for your specific maritime needs are the core of our services. It can provide flexible global and local bulk cargo (LCL) and full container (FCL) shipping services.

Competitive/Reasonable Price

The cost is transparent, which can effectively reduce the logistics cost for enterprises and cost saving. Based on the whole country, facing the world, we can better protect the interests of customers in the wave of global economic integration.